How Rachel Maddow drove me crazy with non stop Russia lies which made me turn off main stream media forever and learn the truth

I tried. I tried to watch Rachel Maddow. I did in fact watch several episodes before she turned into a crazed rabid bigot against “The Russians” and devoted every show to nonsense Russia hysteria that nobody with any common sense or an IQ above 23 would believe. I flipped channels to all the news programs. I tried to watch them all. I gave them all a chance. I had cable at the time. I only had cable for a short amount of time. I don’t have cable anymore and haven’t had it for a while now. I went to all the news channels trying to find one that didn’t annoy the sh** out of me. I’ll tell you who didn’t annoy the sh** out of me: Bret Baier and Lou Dobbs. That’s it. Side Story: Sean Hannity is all right for the most part. He just needs to be deprogrammed

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