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Bravo Nigel Farage

The quickening. More people are awakening. The sick puppies that have been running and deceiving the world for so long will all be exposed to all and the people will strip them of their control.  Bravo Nigel Farage for demanding that evil, scumbag toad George Soros be arrested. Jail would be too good for him…

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De-Google-ify yourself

Google is way too big. Way too big. It’s a monopoly. It’s powers are unchecked and it isn’t using it’s power and influence for good. Google’s motto is “Don’t do evil” which is a strange motto for a company that does evil. But that’s opposite world for you. The censorship, silencing, and banning of free… Read More De-Google-ify yourself

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Anyone who is demonizing Iran is lying to you

Don’t be fooled. The Deep State will say anything and do anything to justify their ultimate wet dream of invading and bombing Iran. Iran is no threat. Iran has not invaded or bombed other countries. Iran is not the country inside of other nations, killing people with no regard for human life, to “bring democracy… Read More Anyone who is demonizing Iran is lying to you

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Get prepared if you have the resources to

Everyone who knows, knows that it’s inevitable. The majority of the population isn’t aware. The savvy minority are. It is blindingly obvious. It has been for years. There are signs, signs, signs, everywhere you look. Unfortunately many people simply can not get prepared because they don’t have the resources to. The hardworking people living paycheck… Read More Get prepared if you have the resources to