Never forget building 7

Like programmed cyborgs, the masses say the obligatory “Never Forget” on September 11th and share pictures of the Twin towers, bald eagles, and the American flag,

But what about Tower 7? Do the “Never forget” masses not know about Tower 7? It crashed down along with the Twin Towers. No plane hit it. Nothing hit it. It just magically and randomly crumbled down. For people with low cognitive function who still don’t know that the 9/11 was an inside job, asking about Tower 7 is the best way to bring them to light. There’s no explanation for what happened to Tower 7. The media and the government don’t want to talk about Tower 7.

I just hope one day, everything is exposed to everyone. Everything. I hope all of the secrets are exposed to everyone and the names of everyone involved are told to everyone.