Alex Jones is beating the lying corporate owned media

I don’t watch the lying corporate owned media anymore, but while watching this YouTube livestream, Alex Jones played clips of the awful lying corporate owned media. It gave me a huge headache and my brain cells started committing suicide. I can’t take these liars. Life is so much more peaceful when you stop watching the mainstream liars.

I heard people on lying CNN discuss if Alex Jones should “get a platform”. ¬†They are so stupid. Alex Jones already has a huge platform and it’s just getting bigger and bigger while the lying corporate owned media is dying.

There’s a revolution going on now whether the lying corporate owned media knows it or not. More and more people are waking up everyday and learning the truth. People are tuning out of the lying corporate owned media because nobody trusts it anymore. Independent and alternative media is just growing and growing. People are HUNGRY for the truth. It’s not just Alex Jones, but many independent journalists and news will be rising and taking the place of the lying, dying main stream media.

Psst. When mainstream media says “Conspiracy theorist” that is code for honest while they have been perpetuating the most ridiculous conspiracy theory inciting Russia hysteria non stop for months.