New York City mayor Bill De Blasio- real name Warren Wilhelm Jr.-takes tax payer funded trip to join protesters in Germany

This is interesting. A day after a female NYPD cop was assassinated while just sitting in her car not bothering anyone, and left 3 children without a mother, the mayor of New York City made an interesting choice.

Instead of joining the ceremony to honor a servant that helped keep New York City safe, instead of doing anything in the assassinated cop’s honor, mayor Bill De Blasio (who I found out from The Doctor of Common Sense changed his name from the German name Warren Wilhelm Jr. to run for mayor) took an all expenses paid trip to Hamburg, Germany where the G20 summit is taking place to rally the protesters which included many infamous antifa protesters.

If you’ve seen the pictures, the protesters have done massive damage to Hamburg. They have basically burned Hamburg to the ground by looking at the pictures. I also read that Merkel has ordered the communist style controlled media in Germany to not cover the fires set by the protesters. Buildings were set on fire, cars all over were set on fire, stores were damaged and looted. A tremendous amount of damage was done by the protesters. And here you have the mayor of New York City taking an all expenses paid trip to Hamburg Germany to rally and join the protesters which are supposedly protesting capitalism. And Bill De Blasio is mayor in a large capitalist city.That is just bizarre. It wasn’t too long ago that East Germany was under communist rule and that didn’t go over too well. In fact, bowl hair cut Angela Merkel was in a communist group. Since I just found out that Warren Wilhelm Sr. is the mayor’s German father, perhaps the Senior was a communist himself like Merkel was, and passed on communist beliefs to Warren Wilhelm Jr who goes by Bill now. I mean why was he so dead set on wasting the tax payers money to skip a ceremony he should have attended and fly all the way to Germany, his father’s homeland, to protest capitalism?

So did Bill De Blasio cover his face, set fires, throw rocks and loot? What exactly was he doing? And you know he wasn’t flying on a budget airline, eating beans and rice and staying in a hostel. Since he’s using other people’s money, you know it was 1st class everything.

Is this a good way to spend the New York City tax payers money? I mean if I were a mayor, I’d put that money towards the homelessness problem rather than waste it on myself taking an international trip to protest capitalism. I’d fund homeless shelters as well as open up new shelters because there’s not nearly enough shelters to let the homeless sleep in a cot with a roof over their head at night.

This action by Bill De Blasio just screams out bizarre, embarrassing, arrogant, and wasteful.

And these antifa protesters, are they really doing all this damage to protest capitalism? If they hate capitalism, they can move to China, North Korea, Laos, or Cuba to enjoy communism.

Here are 2 videos blasting “Antifa Billy” by The Doctor of Common Sense and Lional (a New Yorker himself) and an article from New York Post.