Antifa’s communist revolution

If you told people 20 years ago that there would be a communist revolution in America, they’d laugh and wouldn’t believe you.

But it’s happening.


The communist fascists that call themselves “Antifascists” to confuse people are bringing about a violent communist revolution in America. The thugs commonly called Antifa mask their faces, carry around bottles of urine and violently assault random people on the street and police officers too. The clowns at CNN even wrote a puff piece on Antifa. The corporate media is a stranger to truth. It’s pointless for the corporate media to lie or ignore major events when people get the news, pictures, and videos directly from the sources.

On August 14th, Antifa actually stormed a government building in Minnesota, took down the American flag, burned it, and hoisted up the Antifa flag. I watched videos as this happened captured from cell phone video and uploaded to social media. It seems unreal that happened in America. There is an article an video of this here:

The clowns at CNN said that Antifa was seeking “peace through violence” as if that makes any sense at all. That’s one of the dumbest things CNN has said and there’s no shortage of stupid things they say. Here is clown Jim Acosta and one of his communist Antifa buddies behind him.

Antifa gathered at a small Free Speech rally in Boston on Saturday (which had nothing to do with white nationalism despite what the corporate media would have you believe and many participants were not white) because obviously they hate free speech.

The Boston police were not ordered to stand down, like the police in Charlottesville, VA were and resulted in a woman’s death. The police in Boston don’t play and knew how to handle those thugs.