Are you tired of America murdering innocent people to blame on it’s enemies?

I am. I don’t know about others, but I am.

It’s been known since the chemical attacks in Syria happened in April 2017 that America provided the chemical weapons and paid their hired rebels to do the chemical attack and kill innocent people. All of God’s creations are born valuable, regardless of what country they are born in or their skin color. The lives of Syrian children are no less valuable just because they weren’t born in America although it seems most Americans don’t give a shit about anything that happens in the world outside of their borders. The American intelligence agencies have no qualms at all against murdering as many innocent people as it takes to finally get their war and add another country to the American empire.

Intelligence insiders have revealed the truth of this false flag as well as independent investigators such as Seymour Hersch. Another journalist revealed that the weapons ISIS uses came directly from the CIA. She was fired for exposing this. Of course you won’t hear the truth from the US propaganda (media) because they are paid to lie. But everyone who knows is screaming out to the world that ISIS is an American army.

When I first heard of this chemical attack story and I didn’t know that America was behind it, just because I have some common sense and the ability to think constructively, I knew something was wrong. Why? Because events worse than this happen every damn day and Nikki Haley doesn’t say a damn word about it. The US propaganda machine doesn’t give it any coverage. America doesn’t convene at the UN demanding to go to war over it. So why did America suddenly care so much about this particular event, while ignoring worse events that just happened? It’s illogical. The reason obviously is because America has an agenda. They want to go to war with Syria, bomb the shit out of it, murder their President (so America can STFU about election “meddling”), take control of their oil pipelines, steal their resources, extend the life of the dying petro dollar, and install a hand selected puppet to be the new President of Syria.

The Criminals in Action (CIA) created ISIS. It didn’t magically pop up one day. It was a planned out creation by the CIA, which is a rogue operation that must be disbanded and defunded. They recruited for ISIS. They fund ISIS. The Pentagram, oops Pentagon funded propaganda films for ISIS. They train ISIS. They defend ISIS. America has been caught red handed evacuating ISIS soldiers, the same ISIS soldiers that America says they are “fighting against” (what a joke) and they have been caught several times. Footage has been taken showing ISIS passing safely through (illegal) American zones in Syria. Saudi Arabia and Israel also help ISIS. Saudi Arabia provides many of the ISIS soldiers for America to pay, arm, train, and defend. They are going all out to do to Syria what they did to Libya and Iraq. But it won’t happen. Russia won’t let it happen. And Russia has far superior weapons than America.

How long is America going to pretend they went to Syria to fight ISIS when America *IS* ISIS?

Come on, America didn’t go to Syria to fight with themselves.

How long will this evil, ridiculous charade continue?

IMO, people should be taking to the streets about this and demand that all troops get out of Syria & Afghanistan now. If this happened 30 years ago or more, that’s what the people would do. But the majority of people today are just…uninterested, distracted…among other things.

Where did those TRILLIONS of dollars go that the Pentagram oops I mean Pentagon go? How does one LOSE trillions of dollars? This isn’t $50 or $100 that was lost. It was…TRILLIONS of dollars.

A lot of it went to pay for America to pay for ISIS. America IS ISIS. Nikki Haley can shut her trap and stop lying and stop this ridiculous charade.