Breaking: Leaker Herbert McMaster himself was behind the chemical attack in Syria

Mike Cernovich, a real journalist with reliable well placed sources in the White House, has just reported that Herbert (H.R.) McMaster was the one who manipulated the chemical attack in Syria, manipulated intelligence from Syria, and lied to Trump about the chemical attack and intelligence from Syria. In short, Assad did not do the chemical attack in Syria. H.R. McMaster himself was behind the false flag to blame on Assad to justify war and urged Trump to authorize missile strikes. Mike Cernovich has real intel and has been proven right when he reports. He just released that new intel today around 3:30 EST. H.R. McMaster is a dirty globalist and is deep in the Deep State. He’s a snake, a rat and needs to be taken out. Trump needs to fire him like yesterday. McMaster is trying to initiate World War 3 along with Nikki Haley from the Future Crimes Unit. ¬†McMaster and the rest of the Deep State desperately want a World War 3.

As an empath, I felt that McMaster was one of the leakers in the White House from the first time I saw his ugly mug on YouTube or wherever giving a press conference. When the mainstream media reported on an anonymous leak where the leaker basically said Trump told Russian Ambassador Sergey Lavrov some highly classified information he shouldn’t have told, McMaster held a press conference where he said “I was there” and no classified information was given by Trump to Lavrov and he knew that because he was there. On a side note, as President, Trump is allowed to unclassify anything he wants to anyone he wants at any time. Back to evil McMaster: when he gave this speech, I felt strongly that he was a lying rat and he was in fact the very source that had leaked to the press that Trump gave “highly classified” information to Lavrov. I’m not a psychic but I get these feelings and senses and they always turn out right. I “know” that McMaster is the main leaker from the White House. I have no proof, but when I get strong feelings like that out of nowhere, no matter if they sound crazy or not, they always turn out right. Not one has ever been wrong.

I may have written about my distrust and disdain for McMaster in my post about why I would have been the best Senior Adviser for Trump and listed off people Trump should fire, arrest, or Patriot Act their ass and ship them off to Guantanamo Bay with no charges, no paperwork, no access to attorneys.

Anyway, I had forgotten all about that rat Deep State POS McMaster until Mike Cernovich just released brand new White House intel to Alex Jones. I don’t care what anyone says about Alex Jones, he won’t lie to you. That’s more than I can say for the lying mainstream media. When Mike Cernovich said that McMaster was behind the Syria chemical attack in April and manipulated intelligence, I remembered how I “knew” he was the leaker.

I’m just a nobody but I must urgently, urgently, urgently, tell Donald Trump to fire McMaster RIGHT NOW. And I advise you to Patriot Act his ass. He is dangerous. Very dangerous. Very evil.

Dear Mr. Trump,