Bye petro-dollar! Watch out for false flag in Venezuela as excuse for American troops

Venezuela dumped the dollar and will sell it’s oil only in Chinese yuan which is now backed by gold, unlike the worthless American paper confetti which used to be backed by gold but now is just backed by war. That means any country who threatens to dump the dollar gets the shit bombed out of them and the government and media tell the people it’s either to “liberate” them and force democracy or to get some “terrorists”. Bye petro dollar! That’s another nail in the petro dollar coffin.

The petro dollar isn’t taught in schools, so many people may not know what it is. Look it up on the internet. Basically it’s an evil deal between America and Saudi Arabia. That’s why they’ve been such BFF’s and America hasn’t liberated Saudi Arabia from it’s cruel head chopping monarchy dictators or forced democracy on them. The petro dollar agreement was brokered by globalist Henry Kissinger. To put it in my words, Saudi Arabia agreed to only sell oil in dollars which created the petro dollar and made the dollar the world’s reserve currency. In exchange, America agreed to not “liberate” Saudi Arabia, not to invade or bomb them, not to give them democracy, to turn a blind eye to all of their head chopping and to help them genocide the Yemenis. Iraq and Libya tried to get rid of the petro dollar and sell their oil in another currency and look what America did to them to keep the petro dollar status. Wars are never about “terrorists” or “liberation”. If America gave a shit about liberation and democracy, it would get rid of the head chopping monarchy of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is no longer the top oil producer. They will grow low on oil reserves. Oil isn’t infinite. And the next top oil producing countries will all be American hating countries and they will all follow Venezuela in dumping the dollar.

Ukraine said it was going to buy their oil from Russia and the oil pipeline from Russia to Europe went through Ukraine so here come’s the Criminals In Action (CIA) which did a coup and removed the Ukrainian president and replaced him with John McCain’s Russia hating neo-nazi friends. So Russia decided it would build a pipeline to go to Europe through Turkey. And the same old trick from the same old playbook by the CIA. The CIA attempted to do a coup on Turkey’s president, but they failed and that backfired big time LOL. Since the failed coup, the Turkish president now has the power of a dictator instead of a president.

The petro dollar has plagued the world for over 40 years now and it’s dying and the wealthy are dumping dollars like hot potatoes. A country can’t bully, dominate, and terrorize the entire world and expect it to stay that way forever. Eventually, other countries will join forces and fight back and that’s what’s happening. America is the most hated country in the world. Look how many Americans hate America and how many schools have banned the American flag because it’s “offensive”. The power and wealth of the future is in the East and the transfer is happening right now and will continue to happen for years.

Anyway, back to the topic. Venezuela. America can’t keep playing the same old tricks in the same old playbook. It’s old and everyone sees through it now. Accuse another country of being a “terrorist” or “dictator” as an excuse to bring in troops and bombs.

Venezuela, despite their recent economic problems, has a ton of oil. And Venezuela has bravely decided to dump the dying petro dollar and only sell their oil in yuan. Venezuela knows full well what happened to Saddam Hussein and Moammer Ghaddafi after they announced the same thing. Propaganda was issued against them, they were murdered, their country was bombed and destroyed killing and displacing millions of innocent civilians.

But the petro dollar is dying and the world knows it. The yuan will likely be the next world reserve currency while the dollar becomes toilet paper. ¬†And China won’t let American troops invade Venezuela when Venezuela agreed to only sell their oil in Chinese yuan.

Donald Trump made a tweet after midnight on Sep. 19th that says: “We call for the full restoration of democracy and political freedoms in Venezuela, and we want it to happen very, very soon!” Oh, the Deep State got to him. Obama also ran being on a peace president, but he was George W. Bush 2.0. The people want peace but the government won’t let them have it. They promise peace to win elections, but after they win, they do the same old wars. Trump attached a picture and Deep State war monger Nikki Haley is there. She’s the female version of John McCain. She’s been clamoring for war everywhere. Translation: You know what we did to Iraq and Libya and you’re our next target!

Let’s get real. America doesn’t give a shit about democracy. There’s no democracy in America! If America cared about democracy, it would bring back democracy to itself. America is an Oligarchy, run by a group of Controllers and elections are a charade. Both political parties are owned by the same Oligarchy.

So watch out for a false flag to happen in Venezuela as an excuse for American troops to go to Venezuela and to do Nicholas Maduro what they did to Hussein, Ghaddafi, and what they attempted to do to Turkish President Erdogan in their failed coup. The Criminals in Action are certainly there, planning their false flag. Maybe they’ll do what they did in Syria and unleash some chemical weapons to blame on Maduro. MI can see Nikki Haley holding up pictures in the UN demanding war in Venezuela. Anyway, if anything happens in Venezuela, Maduro didn’t do it, it was a false flag.

But Venezuela won’t be toppled like Iraq and Libya were. When Maduro leaves office it will be because the Venezuelan citizens voted for a different president, like it should be, not because the CIA killed him and installed a puppet.

China will not allow American troops to invade Venezuela. China will not allow Maduro to be replaced. China will not allow the contract to sell oil in yuan instead of dollar to be voided. Russia also warned America to leave Venezuela alone when they were saber rattling before.

It’s a new era. The old tricks of the old playbook don’t work anymore. The petro dollar is dying. The dollar is becoming more and more worthless. America is no longer the military super power. China and Russia are at least a generation ahead in technology. Why do you think the electric keeps going out in all of the US navy ships? The center of power of the near future will be China, Russia, and also India while the USA has been turning into a 3rd world country right before our eyes. Look at Detroit as an example.

Be prepared. Don’t be fooled.