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USA is ISIS: Reason #72 why I want to leave USA

Most Americans don't know that the US is even in Syria, not that they would understand the politics & how we are the bad guys in this one. — Skeptical Daryl (@Daryl16519C) September 24, 2017 '#US special ops forces & hardware spotted at #ISIS positions' – Russian MoD released images — RT… Read More USA is ISIS: Reason #72 why I want to leave USA

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Only in America

Only in America is there a mass murdering, narcissistic, thieving, treasonous, treacherous, lying, demented, career criminal psychopath on a book tour instead of on death row. Reason #71 of why I want to leave this country. Laura Loomer confronted Hillary and if you jump to a few seconds after the 7 minute mark, you can… Read More Only in America