When did the left turn pro-war and toxic?

Ron Paul should have been President. Oh, what could have been. The words “left” and the “right” or liberal and conservative have no meaning anymore. Perhaps there used to be two sides that each stood for something. But now, it’s just a big circus. Left or liberal used to be synonymous with words like peace loving and anti-war. Not anymore. It’s been disturbing and obvious lately that most people who call themselves left or liberal are the most hateful, war mongers you could think of. I wasn’t alive in the 1960’s, but Ron Paul stated that in the 1960’s it was the liberals that were against wars. How things have changed. Now, the most outspoken liberals want war with Russia for no reason, they loved the missiles and bombs being dropped in Syria and Afghanistan, they want everyone fired from their job who doesn’t have their exact views and they

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