Mark Milley is a super scary looking goon that wants war

Is this not the scariest looking goon you’ve ever seen? I mean seriously. Or maybe you have to be an empath to “see” how scary this dude is. I don’t usually get the chills when I see someone, but when I saw some big scary looking creature arrogantly and boldly threatening war with Russia or China, for no reason in a scary booming voice, I got chills.  I mean these countries haven’t done anything to harm us, China makes all of our stuff, Russia has been begging America to cooperate with them AGAINST ISIS instead of WITH ISIS to no avail, Putin has said Americans are NOT his enemy even though (the dumb) Americans see Russians as their enemy because of the lying mainstream media hoax, and this dude just gets up and arrogantly threatens war with China and Russia for no reason. WTF? What sane person would do that?

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