New York City mayor Bill De Blasio- real name Warren Wilhelm Jr.-takes tax payer funded trip to join protesters in Germany

This is interesting. A day after a female NYPD cop was assassinated while just sitting in her car not bothering anyone, and left 3 children without a mother, the mayor of New York City made an interesting choice. Instead of joining the ceremony to honor a servant that helped keep New York City safe, instead of doing anything in the assassinated cop’s honor, mayor Bill De Blasio (who I found out from The Doctor of Common Sense changed his name from the German name Warren Wilhelm Jr. to run for mayor) took an all expenses paid trip to Hamburg, Germany where the G20 summit is taking place to rally the protesters which included many infamous antifa protesters. If you’ve seen the pictures, the protesters have done massive damage to Hamburg. They have basically burned Hamburg to the ground by looking at the pictures. I also read that Merkel has ordered

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