CIA documents prove they have no qualms about murdering innocent fellow citizens to blame someone else

I mean it’s old news, but for all the sheeple that are still sleeping, the entire US is controlled by a rogue organization of evil psychopaths called the CIA which seriously make the Italian mafia look like boy scouts.

The CIA has the same old plot that they’ve been using over and over and over for 60 years. Stage a terrorist attack, kill innocent people, blame someone else, use media to vilify the person or group they blamed to make the population believe their lies and justify military use or whatever sinister agenda they are up to.

In Operation Mongoose, the CIA aka Criminals in Action, the evil psychopaths had absolutely no qualms about killing a bunch of innocent fellow citizens in order to blame Fidel Castro. They were totally willing to kill a bunch of innocent college kids going on vacation in order to blame their murders on Fidel Castro. They wanted the American population to blame and hate Fidel Castro for something that the CIA did. Then they would rally around the troops to justify yet another military invasion.

This is also called a false flag and it’s no telling how many they have pulled off. Contrary to the belief of some, a false flag doesn’t mean innocent people don’t die. They do. The CIA slaughters anyone they want with no qualms and no repercussions. This is what America has turned into. It means that the CIA staged it in order to blame it on someone else with the help of the mainstream media, which is just the propaganda arm of the Deep State.

Operation Mockingbird, another CIA scheme, had CIA agents infiltrate the media to use it for propaganda to tell the population the lies that they want them to believe. The mainstream media has been in full control of the CIA and has been nothing but the propaganda arm of the Deep State for a few decades. How many people know that Anderson Cooper from the Clown News Network (CNN) was a CIA agent?

The evil rogue group of government funded psychopath killers called the CIA has done repeated exact same scheme of Operation Mongoose many times, is currently doing it in Syria and has done it in Syria for the last 5 years. The CIA and it’s paid mercenaries stage attacks in order to falsely blame Assad. They are doing to Assad what they planned to do to Castro. Bashar Al-Assad is not a terrorist. The terrorists are the CIA, Deep State/Cabal. Innocent souls in Syria have been murdered by the CIA for 5 years now and they are still murdering with no qualms. Their agenda is to murder the Assad family like they did to Saddam Hussein and Moammer Ghaddafi, take control of the oil and oil pipelines in Syria, and install a Deep State puppet like they did in Ukraine.

So, America can’t say one single word about any other country “meddling”or “interfering” when America is the biggest “meddler” and “interferer” of the world and has meddled and interfered in every single country on this planet. And meddler is too nice of a word. Enough of that hypocrisy.

According to the constitution of America (which sadly is no longer honored) Congress has to declare war. Congress has not declared war on Syria. Syria is no threat to America. Syria has never been a threat to America. It’s the other way around. Obviously, if you have any eyes, you can see America is the threat to Syria.

Rand Paul, the lone Senator with any moral fiber, tried to end these never ending nonsense wars of greed and power and force Congress to declare war in order to invade another country. He forced the Senate to vote. And the Senate showed their true colors and voted in favor of continuing to slaughter innocent lives for greed and power. All Senators are all bought and paid for by the Oligarchy, the group of white billionaires that run the world and have enslaved us all, except for Rand Paul.

JFK hated the CIA. He knew they were evil. He didn’t like their Operations to kill innocent people in order to blame someone else. He fired the psychopath CIA director. He said he was going to shut down the CIA. And then they killed him. And they got away with it.

Lyndon Baines Johnson was in on it and he hurried to participate in another big false flag which failed, the attack on the USS Liberty. The Israeli army received orders to attack the USS Liberty. The army was confused, but obeyed the orders they were given. The goal was for the Israeli army to down the USS Liberty, kill all of the navy aboard in order to falsely blame it on Egypt to justify a military in Egypt. This attack didn’t go off as planned so the media and Lyndon Johnson quietly covered it up.

If only he had just exposed them and shut down that rogue criminal organization instead of announcing it first.

The CIA is too big, too powerful, too evil, and too secret, that no President will dismantle them, unless the President is ready to die for the cause.

It’s time for the population to hate the CIA instead of whatever boogeyman they are blaming for the events that the CIA staged and demand they are defunded and dismantled. There will not be peace and the shackles of modern day slavery will not be removed until the CIA is eliminated.