America is getting dangerously close to World War 3

Yesterday, the American military shot down a Syrian jet that was fighting AGAINST ISIS in their own country, thereby helping ISIS. Since Russia is fighting to prevent America from becoming another Libya or Iraq and fighting to prevent the illegal invasion of Damascus and murder of Assad, which is the only reason that the Syrian Christians are still alive, Russia is justifiably upset about this.

Listen to what Steven Ben Noon says in this video. He’s an American Jew living abroad and he tells the truth and is saying it straight. The American military is illegally toppling the Syrian army which is trying to fight off ISIS which is being funded, armed, and supported by Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and America. America admits to supporting and arming ┬áto what they call “rebels”. Rebels and ISIS are the SAME THING people. It’s semantics. they are all Islamic extremists fighting alongside America to topple Assad. America is also hoping to drag in Iran to the war so America can finish off their Topple 7 Countries in 5 Years Plan. There’s only 3 countries left in that plan. Syria, Lebanon and Iran. Lebanon is a tiny country and that won’t even be a fight. How will the government explain this to the American people? Just like it explained all the other wars. “The president is bad. We must liberate the people” or “They support terrorism”. The same old story as all the other countries. Meanwhile the lying mainstream media has no interest in telling any truth and won’t tell anyone how dangerously close we are to World War 3. They lying mainstream media is dying, but they are trying to distract everyone while they are still alive. Don’t get your news from them.

Is anyone else disturbed by how close we are to a World War 3 or is it just me? I mean this is no joke. If there is a World War III, it will be the Final War on planet Earth, because it will be a nuclear war and nobody will survive besides the billionaires in their bunkers in New Zealand. It’s no secret that all the wealthy of planet Earth have bought up bunkers in New Zealand, Colorado and other places.

If America keeps provoking World War 3, Russia and Iran will intervene. If it becomes a full out war of America against Russia and Iran, then there will be nuclear war. Russia has many, many powerful nuclear weapons. It also has what it calls the Dead Hand, which means if there’s no one in Russia who can unleash nuclear weapons because they are dead, then the Dead Hand will unleash the nukes for them. Iran also has nuclear weapons. And of course America does too. Once someone decides to blast the first nuclear weapon, it’s over. The other countries will respond with their own nuclear weapons and China, knowing what’s happening won’t want their nukes to go to waste and will unload all their nukes as well since stupid humans are obliterating their own planet. They’re not going to die off and let their nuclear weapons go to waste. They will launch their own too. As Vladmir Putin said, if there is a war between America and Russia, nobody will survive.

If this war does not stop very soon, we might not have long left on this planet.

Is anyone else disturbed by this or is it just me, Steven Ben Noon and Ron Paul? Is anyone else disturbed that there’s no public outcry and protests by The People, demanding the government order troops out of Syria? The government is supposed to be run BY The People and FOR The People. But it’s not being run that way. The People need to take back their government. If anyone cares and wants to avoid a nuclear war, the people need to cry out to the government officials and Commander in Chief Donald Trump to pull out our troops before it’s too late. Can anyone help me beg Donald Trump and out government to pull out of Syria before it’s too late? This is urgent. #StopTheWar #GetOutOfSyria #DontHelpIsis #KeepYourPromise #WhereIsTrump