They go even lower-CNN now blackmails private citizen and makes him apologize for gif

*UPDATE* July 5th- Jack Posobiec said that he has confirmed that the now infamous gif maker is a 15 year old boy. That makes it even worse. Especially when CNN producer @donie made sure to refer to the gif maker as a “man”.

Oh wow. This is low even for CNN. Just when you thought CNN couldn’t go any lower.

Thug wannabe, CNN employee Andrew Kaczynski, @KFile on twitter, tracked down the anonymous reddit user who hurt CNN’s feelings with a wrestling gif of Donald Trump wrestling a man with the CNN logo as a head.

What Andrew wrote is hilarious, so hilariously bad on one hand yet so disgusting and appalling on the other hand. He tracked down this private citizen who posted a gif that CNN didn’t like and made the user apologize or they were going to publicly release his private information. The private citizen said they didn’t want to bring embarrassment to his family. We don’t even know how old this person is. He could be a 13 year old for all we know.

This billion dollar corporation basically made him repent, show extensive remorse, remove all of his postings and promise to never post anything CNN doesn’t approve of again and promise to be a good boy from now on. Otherwise, this “journalist” working in a billion dollar corporation will publicly release this private citizen’s information.

You have to read it to believe it. This is just bad. So bad. CNN forgets, but we are still a free country with freedom of speech and this is something all Americans cherish.

I really don’t know why the dude who made the gif apologize and showed “extensive remorse”. Maybe he thought he’d be harassed. Maybe he didn’t want to be bothered by this big billion dollar corporation anymore. Maybe he was scared.

I wish I could’ve told him to tell them that I did it. No way in hell would I apologize to @KFile or @CNN and promise to be a good girl less they dox me. I’d tell them to go ahead. Publish my name. I don’t care. That would just make me make even more gifs since it triggers them so badly.

#CNNBlackmail started trending quickly amid shock and outrage. There was more fireworks popping under this hashtag than there were in the sky. The tweets piled in so fast, you can’t keep up with them. Some were hilarious, some were somber, some expressed outrage and anger at CNN.