Cold War 2.0

In retaliation for the sanctions against Russia that the Congress and Senate passed (and they won’t be honest about why they really want sanctions) Russia has finally struck back for the first time and is kicking 755 US diplomats out of Russia. Putin said that they have been very patient with America’s “political schizophrenic” antics for a long time and warned that their patience will run out one day. And Trump’s hands are tied here. This is Congress’ doing. Even if Trump vetoed the bill, Congress needs 2/3 of a vote to override the veto. And only 3 Congressmen had enough sense to not vote for sanctions, while over 400 voted for this horrible sanctions bill that will backfire, as predicted by Dr. Ron Paul, Max Keiser and many more intelligent people who aren’t controlled by the Deep State. So even if Trump vetoes it, Congress will easily override the veto.

This Cold War 2.0 is not good. Not good at all.