Collapse of America- some truth for 10/20/2017

This podcast goes over some truth.

Amidst all of the distractions, here’s a few tidbits of real and important stuff that’s happening on this planet.

  1. China has been rising while America is collapsing
  2. A greater percentage of the population of America is living at or below the poverty line than in China.
  3. The world is rapidly changing in a way few people can imagine and the presstitutes of the western media are not covering it. Such as Xi Jinping’s plan for world control & the One Belt, One Road project.
  4. In 25 years from now, the world will look nothing like it does today and America will likely be an irrelevant 3rd world country.
  5. Robert Mueller belongs in prison. James Comey also belongs in prison. They should share a jail cell. Mueller helped illegally spy on millions of Americans and helped cover it up. Why is a criminal allowed to “investigate” anything?