Communist monopoly Google fires James Damore for his opinions

This is so wrong. This is horrible. This is just awful. A top engineer at the Communist company Google released a Google Manifesto pointing out how ridiculous and insane political correctness had become and was fired for it.

Google is way too big and way too powerful just like all the big tech companies are. Alphabet Inc. is the company that owns Google and YouTube who have started China communist style censorship against truth they don’t like and opinions they don’t like. Then you have Twitter where Jack Dorsey @jack, blocks, shadow bans, and hides truth and opinions he doesn’t agree with. The other too big monopolies are Amazon and Apple. Apple’s CEO Tim Cooke literally helped the Communist Chinese government find citizens to arrest, jail, and kill by removing apps that let them bypass anonymity. There are certain things in China you simply are not allowed to research or learn about. It’s illegal. And if you do, you get arrested. Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Google are just way too big and powerful. It’s time for the feds to come in and break up these monopolies. Absolute power is never good and always abused.

People are so outraged by the Thought Police of Google firing a brilliant engineer simply for having opinions they don’t agree with, that a fundraiser has been started to help him and to help him fight back against the tyranny of Google. This is how you silence people. Make people so afraid to give their honest opinions that they remain silent in fear of being fired.

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