Crazy Maxine Waters and MSNBC think 700 billion People will lose insurance in Kentucky

Crazy Maxine Waters told fake news MSNBC that if the new healthcare reform bill passed, 700 billion people in the state of Kentucky would lose their insurance.


Crazy Chris whatever his last name is, (He’s not important enough to bother to find his last name) the host of that MSNBC show, (that looks like he was born into a wealthy Manhattan family that put him on a list for a $2 million a year preschool while he was still in the womb) must not know that there aren’t 700 billion people in Kentucky. Or in America, in China or in the whole world for that matter. He doesn’t point out to Crazy Maxine Waters that there’s not 700 billion people in Kentucky or even on earth. He just says “Wow” to her revelation that 700 billion people in the state of Kentucky alone would lose their healthcare like he’s actually swallowing her jibberish nonsense. He doesn’t even attempt to correct her.

Then she goes on a batshit crazy rant about how Russia hacked our election and Putin is Trump’s best friend and Putin invaded Korea. That is not a joke. This is not a drill. Crazy Maxine Waters, for real, blamed Putin on invading Korea in one of her jibberish rants. Listening to her makes my head spin. If anyone believes her crazy lies, they need to be shipped to Mars. And who elected her to speak for them??

Doctor of Common Sense spills some common sense when he asks who would let Maxine Waters represent them? And he points out the obvious, that there’s not 700 billion people on earth much less the state of Kentucky. This is something that batshit crazy Maxine Waters, irrelevant Chris and stupid people that are programmed by the lying mainstream media doesn’t know.