Dear CNN, it’s a war on lies not a war on journalism

CNN keeps getting dumber and dumber. For real, everyone just needs to stop watching and reading CNN forever. It’s time to take out the trash.

Anyone with 2 brain cells to rub together always knew the ridiculous Russia hoax was a lie. Now that CNN has retracted a Russia related story, 3 fake news journalists resign, CNN ordered not to talk about Russia without prior approval, and was busted by James O’Keefe admitting the Russia lies were just for ratings and was a nothing burger, CNN crybabies are now blasting the most ridiculous lies yet. The fake news is now claiming there’s a war on journalism and Trump is on a war against the media. LOL

First of all, quit insulting our intelligence. That’s exactly what got you into the Russia hoax mess.

Secondly, quit equating journalism to lying. That’s your problem right there. Journalism is not lying! It’s not a war on journalism, it’s a war on lies. The People are sick of you using your corporate owned platform for your agenda of lies. People want truth, not your lies.

And third, stop blaming Donald Trump for your lies. Your lies are YOUR fault and no one else’s. You look pathetic blaming Donald Trump for your own lies. You lie all day everyday, get busted, and them cry boo hoo that Trump is waging a war on media. No, you fu*kers waged an all out coup on Trump. All of you. All the lying mainstream media was spitting out baseless, ridiculous lies about Russia trying to restart the Cold War based on lies. You bash Trump all day, everyday. All of your coverage is negative and blindingly biased. Nothing is neutral. It’s all ugly and hateful. This is not news. Trump could save a litter of puppies and you would bash him for it. You name call and are clearly biased. The more you bash Trump, the stronger his supporters back him and the more they hate you. Therefore, you haven’t learned this yet so I’ll help you out, the more you bash Trump, the more it will backfire on you. Everyone knows you were colluding with Hillary Clinton. You illegally gave election debate questions to the DNC to give to Hillary which was so wrong. It’s no telling how many millions of dollars you get from George Soros to bash Trump. Hopefully you go out of business sooner than later. Just stop.

Notice the bias?