Ding dong swamp rat Reince Priebus is gone!

Thank you Jesus!

FINALLY, that flea infested swamp rat Reince Priebus is gone!

It’s about time! I could easily tell he was a no good rat from the first time I saw his rat like face. From before the 2016 Presidential election. OMG I would’ve fired his ass on day 1 along with Comey the cowardly giant and his BFF Mueller, war monger McMaster, and a whole bunch of others. Reince was the top leaker and McMaster is the 2nd worst leaker. The corporate media has lost their top leaker and The Mooch is purging all the leakers!

My God I love Anthony Scaramucci and hate those swamp rats like Reince Priebus. Instead of wondering what took so long, I’ll just be grateful he’s finally gone!

With that flea infested swamp rat gone, I finally feel some hope for a change.