Does Trump not have any gut instinct?

Doesn’t everyone have a gut instinct? Where is Donald Trump’s?

I can’t figure out how the disloyal, Deep State, humanity hating, war mongering, George Soros colleague H.R. McMaster can be close to Trump and Trump not see this Deep State swamp creature for what he is? It couldn’t be more obvious. Why not make it easier and just give George Soros the nuclear codes because that’s where all of this is going.

Every evil thing going on around the world has the same evil toad behind it- George Soros, the most evil man in the universe. When George Soros finally leaves this planet, it will be a holiday! And H.R. McMaster worked for several groups all funded by George Soros and has been regularly talking to George Soros. George Soros is the man who dictated foreign policy to Hillary Clinton while she was Secretary of State and she followed his every instruction to the letter. You can buy so many politicians with over $25 billion.

Why did Trump pick this toad to work for him? He can’t be that stupid and have been so successful in business. I have no idea what’s going on.