Electric Armageddon-Must watch about EMP

This is a good documentary by National Geographic. It explains what an EMP is, how it can happen, talks about how unprotected and vulnerable our grid is, and what the aftermath would be. For anyone who doesn’t know what an EMP is, this is a must watch.

If an EMP (electromagnetic pulse attack) happened, life as we know would be over and 90% of the population would be dead within a year.

We are completely dependent on electricity, except for the Amish. Imagine life without electricity, phone service, internet, cars, transportation. The government won’t be able to save you. They won’t even be able to get to you. No vehicles will work. There will be no transportation whatsoever. If an EMP happened, all cars on the road would stop and people would be stranded. Subways, buses, nothing would work. No phones except satellite phones would work. You couldn’t call any relatives to check on them. There will be no more food. How long could you survive on the food and water you have stored at your home? ¬†Only the Amish would be minimally effected since they are self reliant and don’t depend on electricity.

The ironic part is some scientists have been begging Congress for years to update and protect our electrical grid…but they wouldn’t pass a bill which would have upgraded and protected our grid, leaving it old and vulnerable.

North Korea has been threatening to bomb the evil imperialist America every day, for many years. However since the threats have been escalated recently, I immediately think of an EMP. It’s been known North Korea has been plotting an EMP. If a war breaks out over North Korea, I fear an EMP which will be unlike anything that’s ever happened on this planet. We would be taken back to the stone ages and few know how to survive without modern technology. Scientists say that 90% of Americans will be dead within a year whether it’s from starvation, lack of water, disease, or whatever. There will be so quick fix. According to National Geographic, it would take years to get back up. Understanding what an EMP is will make you want to stock up on plenty of food, water, water filter, and more.