Escalating: America prepared to launch another attack on Syria

America is ready to launch another attack on Syria. The excuse for this attack is a crime that never happened blamed on Syrian President Bashar Al Assad. If America cared so much about being a benevolent policeman of the world, then America would be attacking Saudi Arabia for chopping off everyone’s head that doesn’t obey every rule of the crazy Shariah law, not Syria that was the most accepting and liberal country in the entire middle east. Jews, Christians and Muslims lived peacefully together in Damascus. Most Muslim women in Syria didn’t wear hijab before ISIS, Al-Quaeda, whatever name they are going by came in and took over.

Russians have evacuated the Syrian airbase and Turkey is prepared to launch it’s own attacks after America starts.

The 7 country take down as described by General Wesley Clark is playing out exactly like he said. The 3 countries left that the Deep State wants toppled are Syria, Lebanon and Iran.

Vladimir Putin has warned America not to be reckless and not to carry out further attacks on the Syrian army that’s defending their own country from terrorists.

Nikki Haley just warned us yesterday about a future attack that hadn’t happened yet and pre-blamed it on Assad, Iran, and Russia. She’s obviously working for the Future Crimes Unit and told us about an attack from the future.

Mike Cernovich just revealed that it was Henry McMaster himself who is responsible for the chemical attach in April and persuaded Trump to authorize the missile strikes on lies.

Henry McMaster is a dirty, nasty, evil Deep State twat man and Trump needs to fire him and Patriot Act his ass if he’s still Donald Trump and not some clone. Henry McMaster, George Soros, the whole lot of those evil Deep State men are salivating right now over the thought of the war they want so badly. They don’t just want a missile strike, they want an all out world war. They get off on this stuff. Especially high body counts. They love high body counts.

We’ll see shortly if Donald Trump is still Donald Trump or if he’s some clone. Unless there is major divine intervention or Donald Trump uses his brain, it’s looking really bad for all of the innocent lives in Syria that don’t deserve this. We’ll see if this is the Donald Trump that we elected or not.

#SayNo #NoWar #FireMcMaster