Escalating: Brand new Saudi Beheader in Chief threatens war with Russia in Syria

The King of the #1 terrorism exporter in the world, the wahabi kingdom of Saudi Arabia, recently put appointed his blood thirsty son as the new prince. If you don’t know what a wahabi is, research it. It makes cavemen look progressive. King Salman replaced his nephew and the Prince who makes the important decisions with his son Mohammed Bin Salman who was responsible for starting the war with impoverished Yemen and has killed about 12,000 Yemenis in the last 2 years with America’s help.

These crazy ass blood thirsty wahabi princes live in some other reality. They are treated as gods, have delusions of grandeur and are very narcissistic. Human life other than their own has no value at all.

Russia is fighting against and killing the jihadi terrorists that America and Saudi Arabia is arming, paying and training so the new Beheader in Chief Mohammed bin Salman doesn’t like this. He wants ISIS to defeat the Syrian government and topple Damascus, behead all of the Christians, and get control of the oil pipeline that runs through Syria and Iraq.

So the new blood thirsty wahabi Prince boldly threatened war with Russia for fighting against ISIS. This dumbass actually thinks that Saudi Arabia can wipe out Russia. He must not know that Russia has the most nuclear weapons in the world. It’s probably all of the inbreeding that the Saudis do. So basically Saudi Arabia just threatened to start World War 3. If Saudi Arabia starts a war with Russia and is stupid enough to think they can win, they have some nasty surprises coming. In fact the whole world does. There will be no winner in World War 3.

A link to an article is below:

Saudi Arabia won’t “go soft” on Putin anymore, vows to destroy “Russian forces in Syria in 3 days”