Escalating: Russia Says No More Games

While the ignorant remain blissfully ignorant and have no idea of what is really happening in the world and while the lying corporate media keeps lying and ignoring the escalating war, things are heating up even more.

Russia has warned no more games and they will strike down any US led aircraft west of the Euphrates after America shot down a Syrian jet that was en route to ISIS, thereby helping ISIS. Why is America helping ISIS instead of the legal and legitimate government of Syria? Because they lied to us about what they are even doing there. It doesn’t matter that the Deep State doesn’t like Assad. They don’t get to choose who rules each country in the world, even though they think they do. Trump needs to get the balls to stand up to the Deep State and pull all troops out of Syria. They were doing just fine fighting against ISIS until the US coalition illegally invaded and started bombing Syrian troops and helping ISIS. If people don’t start demanding action, they won’t like the outcome of what’s unfolding. No more phone. No phone service. No cushy life. No cable. No job. No electricity. No water. No money. No government. No food. No medicine. The war won’t just stay in the Syrian borders, it will come here to America and it will come hard. #StopTheWar #GetOutOfSyria #DontHelpIsis  #KeepYourPromise #WhereIsTrump