Evil psychopath George Soros seriously thinks he’s a god who created everything

Why are the worst people always the billionaires?

The man behind much of the evil things in the world is none other than the evil psychopath George Soros. When I say evil, I don’t even mean just murderer or serial killer evil. I mean pure, pure evil. This one evil billionaire has caused chaos and ruined lives all over the whole wide world.

Why is he still alive? How can he do so much evil, so much harm and not only still be alive at the age of 205 or however old he is, but not so much as prosecuted? And there are about 6,594,395 different crimes he could be charged with, but he hasn’t been charged with any of them.

He also said that “normal rules don’t apply” to him. Unfortunately, that does seem to be true. If a normal person even tried to pull some of the evil stunts he’s pulled, they’d be in prison or dead.

He’s so evil, I can’t tolerate spending more than a few minutes writing about him before the evil becomes too overwhelming.

This disgusting George Soros is a top Deep State/Shadow government member. He gave massive amounts of money to Hillary Clinton. When Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, he told her what to do and she “followed his directions to the letter.” So the American foreign policy while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State was decided by George Soros who’s not even American. He also decided that she would be president and he even stated that he controlled Hillary. The one thing it seems that George Soros hasn’t gotten his way on was the presidential election. He paid huge amounts of money for Hillary to win, but the Will of The People could not be overcome, even by George Soros himself.

This ugly sociopath actually said he is a god and created everything and he’s the messiah. These billionaires sure are arrogant. Maybe he has plans to be the leader or Messiah of the One World Order when it’s created after his pre-planned WWIII.

But Soros also said he was atheist. Atheists don’t believe in gods or messiahs. So how is an atheist going to believe that he is a god and created everything and the messiah on top of that? It doesn’t make sense.

He said that normal rules don’t apply to him and he doesn’t accept rules imposed by others. Well then, I wonder if this can work for others. Can other people go around stealing and killing and raping and doing anything they want because they don’t accept rules imposed by others? I guess that only applies for billionaires.

George Soros is also the guy that funds Antifa, the group of silly little people that walk around with their faces covered, carrying communist flags, blowing whistles, squeaking bicycle horns, and inciting violence. They have no idea what they stand for. They just know George Soros is paying them to go out and cause havoc. They carry around a communist flag and probably don’t even know what it means. If there’s ever a fight or civil war, these silly little Antifa people don’t stand a chance. What are they going to do, blow their whistle and squeak their horn? And he’s the one that funded the Black Lives Matter group. He admitted himself he wanted to put blacks against whites in America. He loves to create chaos, hate, and poverty.

He’s caused so much chaos in Hungary and Romania and other eastern European countries that Romania and Hungary are desperate to have him arrested. He goes around pulling coups on governments around the world like the orange revolution in Ukraine to overthrow the elected democratic president. He did the same in Thailand, England, even Equatorial Guinea. I’m not sure if there’s any countries he hasn’t harmed. He said in an interview that “I am kind of a nut who wants to have an impact.” Don’t worry George, you’ve had an impact, all right? And I can’t even go any further. If you want to know more about what evil George Soros has been behind for longer than I’ve been alive, use Google or Youtube. There’s lots of info out there. An article and One Man Illumani Machine video is below.

George Soros: ‘I Am A God, I Created Everything’