Fake news CNN deletes and retracts a lying Trump Russia collusion story

The lying mainstream media is realizing that their most stupid hoax ever, the Trump Russia lie isn’t working and is backfiring on them. Their plans to brainwash the masses into Russia hysteria and believing this nonsense didn’t go as planned. It’s only made more people distrust the mainstream media, hate the mainstream media, and turn off the mainstream media in search of independent and alternative media that tells you the truth. It’s made The People angry at the shills in the media and in the government that are knowingly lying to us and wasting their time on this Russia hacking goose chase to nowhere instead of working on important stuff. They overestimated the stupidity of The People.

After a fake news CNN “reporter” posted another story perpetuating the Russia lies, CNN, who knows this full out war on Trump & Russia with constant bombardment of ridiculous lies about Russia to induce mass hysteria has just backfired on them and turned The People against them, CNN deleted the story, scrubbed all links to it and issued a retraction. The retraction should say: “We know you don’t believe our bullsh*t lies anymore.”