George Soros’ Antifa group is trying to bring in martial law

So as most people know, a state of emergency was declared in Virginia, because of the clashes between Antifa and white nationalists in Charlottesville, Va. This is no accident. This is planned. It’s been well known for a long time by anyone who’s paid any attention to *real news* that George Soros and his grunts are trying to bring down America and usher in their New World Order.

Antifa, which is pro-fascism and pro-communism, is well funded by the most evil man in the world, billionaire George Soros who brags that he is a son of the Nephilim. If America wasn’t being controlled by the bad guys, George Soros would have been jailed long time ago and all of his groups would be banned. In fact, Putin has banned George Soros and his terrorist groups like Antifa from Russia, because Putin has brains and he is protecting Russian citizens instead of destroying it, which the opposite is happening in America unfortunately.

The goal of Antifa is to be as violent as possible and wreck as much havoc as possible. They want to make things so bad and violent, that martial law is declared. And when martial law is declared that means the constitution is suspended and no citizen has any rights whatsoever.

Unfortunately, people who are unaware of what the most evil man in the world is doing are falling for the bait.

All decent people, black, white, asian, muslim, christian, jewish, hindu, etc. should unite and fight against George Soros, his grunts, and the evil f*ckers that are controlling America. If the citizens united, George Soros and his grunts would be quickly defeated. Divide and conquer is the motto of George Soros. Where’s the protests and marches against George Soros and the Deep State?