Get prepared if you have the resources to

Everyone who knows, knows that it’s inevitable. The majority of the population isn’t aware. The savvy minority are. It is blindingly obvious. It has been for years. There are signs, signs, signs, everywhere you look. Unfortunately many people simply can not get prepared because they don’t have the resources to. The hardworking people living paycheck to paycheck, the disabled, the people who depend on social security. Woe are they. And like always, it will be the poor that suffer the most for the sins of the excessively wealthy.

Doug Casey has been accurate in many predictions for longer than I’ve been alive. He says it will be the biggest change since the Industrial Revolution.

1. The $ Dollar has been dumped by certain countries and more countries will continue.

2. The US is bankrupt beyond any redemption and the rest of the world knows this and do not trust the $ dollar.

3. The $ has not been backed by anything since 1971. Before 1971 it was backed by gold. Since then, it’s backed by wars. If you don’t want to use the $ dollar, you’ll get invaded, bombed, sanctioned, lied about, killed and then you’ll learn to use the dollar. That’s worked for several decades, but it’s not going to work anymore. The United States empire is collapsing, it’s been gradually collapsing, while other nations, mainly China and Russia have risen like a skyscraper. The rest of the world are sick of helping pay for all the never ending wars. The dollar will no longer be the reserve currency. China’s standard of living has been increasing, while America’s has been plummeting. There are more Chinese middle class than the entire population of America. China has the worlds largest population, largest military, largest buying power, largest oil importer, and they are making the One Belt One Road, which will change the entire earth, and it’s one of the biggest newsworthy stories that exist but you probably won’t hear it mentioned on the controlled media.

4. Cryptocurrencies are the future. Period. They offer the opportunity to escape the clutches of the Rulers of the world that have enslaved humanity in a debt system and control the money. However the government may find a way to intervene and use cryptocurriences to continue enslaving everyone but with even more control and no privacy at all for anyone. The term “Fed Coin” is used as an example. We do not want a Fed Coin.

5. What Doug Casey is most worried about, isn’t the financial aspect when the dollar is dead and no longer accepted, but the social aspect.