Going back to my Trump clone theory

The never Trumpers who actively campaigned against Trump have gotten jobs in the White House for some reason, while the people who were loyal to Trump have not gotten jobs or have gotten fired.

Mike Cernovich makes some good points here. He pointed out that Trump is not loyal to the people who were loyal to him. The people that the Deep State didn’t have a hold of. Mike Flynn was fired. Scaramucci was fired. Sessions is getting heat and may be fired. Deep State war monger McMaster is still there. Trump helped war monger John McCain, who said he was “leading the fight against Obamacare” (hahahaha) win his re-election campaign which was based on lies.  McCain’s daughter, never Trumper, war monger Meghan McCain got a job in the White House for no good reason.

Hmmmm…so either Trump turned and joined the Deep State or they killed him and replaced him with a clone. I don’t know, I just know nothing makes sense and what really goes on behind the scenes is so out there and unbelievable that the masses, the herd of sheep people aren’t capable of believing it.

Again, there’s no fight between Democrats and Republicans. That’s all fake. It’s truth versus lies. Or it’s good versus evil. Mike Cernovich just looks for and reports on the truth, which is what most people want. Good or bad, people just the respect of being told the truth, whatever it is, instead of being lied to.