Here we go again: McMaster is pushing American war in Syria

Sigh. Rinse, repeat, recycle.

Despite that fact that no citizens of America want war or for us to even be in the middle east anymore, the Deep Dark State cares not what The People want. The government of America was designed to be FOR the people, BY the people, by the men that wrote the constitution after winning the Revolutionary War against Britain. The intentions were great, however it hasn’t been that way for a long time. The American government is not FOR the people, nor BY the people. The government cares not what The People want. If they did, we wouldn’t have been in the middle east for….how long has it been now? And what exactly has been accomplished?

Despite the US being in Syria illegally, despite the fact that America and Saudi Arabia have created and are funding, training and protecting ISIS and jihadi fighters in Syria, war monger, Deep Dark State agent Herbert McMaster is pushing for an all out American war in Syria. Unless Donald Trump is brave enough to stand against the Cabal and pull out our troops as the Commander-in-Chief, or unless there’s some drastic divine intervention from God itself, it looks like World War 3 is inevitable, unfortunately. And being in America won’t keep you safe or unaffected. This world war, will truly effect the entire world. I imagine most Americans will be zombies watching some sh*t like “The Bachelor” when it happens, completely clueless to everything that’s been going on in the past few years because the mainstream media didn’t tell them. And I hope when the electricity goes out, it goes out before they find out who won the show.