Hero Catalan police and firefighters defend citizens from Spanish Darth Vaders

The Spanish police, called Guardia Civil are a bunch of fascist, scary looking Darth Vaders and the local Catalan police and firefighters were heroes on October 1st, protecting their Catalan citizens from the violent Darth Vaders.

The people of Catalan want their independence and no wonder. On October 1st, they just wanted to have a vote. Spain went to horrible, extreme, abusive lengths to stop the vote from taking place. I wondered what the Spanish police would do, since they hate democracy and it would be impossible to arrest millions of people who wanted democracy. The Darth Vader police force ended up beating up and shooting as many people as they could. They were even literally dragging people away from voting booths so they couldn’t vote. Even elderly people were beaten up and bloodied by these fascist Darth Vaders.

The local police and firefighters bravely defended their citizens from the militarized police. It’s a scary thing when the local police and firefighters have to fight the national police, but it’s the right thing to do when your citizens are being abused and beaten up by the scary fascist national police. It was a beautiful thing, to see such heroism and people defending their fellow people against the government.

I have major respect and admiration for the Catalan police (Mossos) and Catalan firefighters. They are brave and heroes as far as I’m concerned.

Massive marches were held in many cities to protest the fascist Spanish police