How Rachel Maddow drove me crazy with non stop Russia lies which made me turn off main stream media forever and learn the truth

I tried. I tried to watch Rachel Maddow. I did in fact watch several episodes before she turned into a crazed rabid bigot against “The Russians” and devoted every show to nonsense Russia hysteria that nobody with any common sense or an IQ above 23 would believe.

I flipped channels to all the news programs. I tried to watch them all. I gave them all a chance. I had cable at the time. I only had cable for a short amount of time. I don’t have cable anymore and haven’t had it for a while now. I went to all the news channels trying to find one that didn’t annoy the sh** out of me. I’ll tell you who didn’t annoy the sh** out of me: Bret Baier and Lou Dobbs. That’s it. Side Story: Sean Hannity is all right for the most part. He just needs to be deprogrammed of his lie about Iran. He chants the lie “Iran is the number 1 state sponsor of terrorism” like he’s a robot programmed to chant that. I don’t know whether he is naive enough to really believe that lie or if his corporate owners tell him to say that. Even before becoming awake, I never believed that. See, I was cursed with something called common sense. And another curse called intelligence. Since ridding myself of the lying corporate owned media and learning the truth, I realized how limited the lying corporate owned media is in what they can say. Saudi Arabia and The United States of America are in fact the number 1 state sponsors of terrorism. If Sean doesn’t talk about Iran, he’s all right. One time I was falling asleep while Lou Dobbs was on. His voice is calm. He never screams. Next thing I know I hear this awful shrieking and I jump up looking for the remote like a chicken with it’s head cut off feeling like my heart just exploded. I look up in horror at that awful sound on the TV and it’s some awful show I had never heard of before called “Kennedy”. Some woman in a short dress (I noticed many years ago that Fox required women to dress like they are going out to a night club) was standing up and apparently loudly shrieking her words instead of talking. That was a traumatic experience. I was very angry at Fox for that. There are certain sounds I can not stand and shrill shrieking is one of them. I had a hard time turning the channel to Fox after that and I made sure I never saw that awful “Kennedy” woman on my TV screen ever again.

So anyway, I had seen some Rachel episodes that I liked all right. I was trying to watch her regularly and thought I would be, but as someone who definitely supports Donald Trump over that awful snake woman Hillary Clinton, her anti-Trump propaganda was too hard to stomach. But hopefully they’d get over it and find some real news to talk about.

But, no. The corporate owned media overestimated how stupid Americans are. They intended to induce mass hysteria over Russia. Perhaps the older people wanted to relive the nostalgia of the Cold War. They began talking about the most stupid Russia nonsense all day, everyday.

It was the dumbest sh** I had ever heard. Russia did not hack our election. First of all, it’s not possible to “hack an election”. That makes no sense to anyone with an IQ above 23. And second of all, America can’t talk about meddling in elections when America has meddled in the election of almost every country on planet Earth, not to mention performing coups, overthrowing governments and killing presidents and leaders that didn’t submit to America. So America can STFU with that hypocrisy and the lying corporate owned media can too.

So after a long break from Rachel Maddow, I start to watch an episode on Youtube livestream since I didn’t have cable anymore.

Rachel starts her hateful slander against Russia and trying to make all Americans hate Russia like her. I stop watching her withing the first few minutes.

I wonder what the reaction would be if she referred to “The Mexicans” the way she referred to “The Russians”. She’d be blasted so hard about being racist. Russia is a large country with a diverse group of people. To refer to all Russians as “The Russians” while trying to make Americans fear them and be stupid enough to believe they hacked our election or whatever was enraging. She was being the very definition of a bigot.

I naivly tell myself that this Russia nonsense was an annoying phase and Rachel would get over it. A few days later I go to YouTube again and give Rachel another chance. It’s a new day and she can talk about something actually real and actually important now.

But alas, one of the first words out of her mouth was…you guessed it, RUSSIA! I roll my eyes, sigh, and close the YouTube channel.

I could not take it. I really could not. I’ve never had any heart problems or blood pressure problems before in my life. Every time my blood pressure has been checked, it’s always perfectly healthy.

But after EVERY MAINSTREAM MEDIA NEWS CHANNEL I GO TO TALKS ABOUT RUSSIA ALL DAY, EVERY DAY, IT WAS DRIVING ME CRAZY! The only main stream media channel that didn’t lie about Russia and try to induce mass hysteria was Fox, but they still talked about it constantly trying to state the obvious. MSNBC and CNN are THE WORST offenders. The worst of the worst.

I was hoping most Americans would not be so stupid as to buy into the mass Russia hysteria that the lying main stream media was trying to produce. I could not understand why the main stream media could find nothing better to talk about than this stupid Russia nonsense all day, everyday, week after week, month after month. I mean major stuff is happening in the world. Surely I’m not this major genius and only a rare few geniuses are intelligent enough to know not buy into this. ┬áIf that’s the case, I’m seeking asylum on some planet far away with aliens. Any aliens, I don’t care. Or maybe I’ll seek asylum with Russia!

So a few days pass again. Surely that was enough time for Rachel to get all her anti-Russia hysteria out of her system. Maybe this time she’ll talk about something important and real.

So once again I try to watch Rachel Maddow. And wouldn’t you know…

And that ladies and gentleman was my breaking point.

I swear if I had watched one more minute of The Rachel Maddow show, my blood pressure would have gone so high and I would have dropped to the floor dead from a stroke.

And I never, ever watched a second of any corporate owned media since that last attempt.

I urge everyone to NEVER WATCH any corporate owned media and to NEVER believe a word they say. I wouldn’t believe them if they said the grass was green!

ONLY watch INDEPENDENT news and FOREIGN news. (But not the UK, they are even worse than us)

If the lying main stream media has been your only source of news, you will be SHOCKED at what is REALLY going on in the world and disturbed that the lying main stream media doesn’t cover any of it.

In fact, there is a revolution going on.

Corporate owned/Main stream media is dying. This Russia hysteria and the hateful reporting has really sped up their dying. Everyday, more and more Americans are waking up and learning the truth.

I’m on Twitter everyday and I see how Independent, freelance, and foreign journalists are thriving while nobody is dumb enough to trust main stream media anymore.

I have gone to Lionel Media live streams and I kid you not, so many people are giving him money while he’s doing some truth telling. Apparently there is a super chat feature or something like that in YouTube where viewers can give money to the person they are watching.

People are SO HUNGRY for the TRUTH and so sick of hearing about Russia that I saw people throw money at Lionel for just telling the truth and predicting that the main stream media will die soon. I have seen people give him anything from $1 to $50 just like that.

In a social media world, lying and scams by the corporate owned media just won’t cut it anymore. People are going to sources that they TRUST. Nobody trusts a word of the corporate owned media anymore. When everyone stops watching corporate owned media, sponsors will stop buying advertisements. Without sponsors there’s no more corporate owned media. A world without the corporate owned media will be a much better world.

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