I had a dream that I warned President Trump

I must have gotten too much into (real, not fake) news and politics because I had a dream where I warned President Trump about imminent danger. The panic in this dream made it really stand out and be vivid.

I had forgotten about the dream originally, then after seeing or hearing something about President Trump, the dream immediately came back to me and I felt the panic that I had felt during the dream. I’ve never had a dream that was visited by any President before nor have I had a dream where I basically was trying to save someone’s life based on supernatural knowledge. This is weird stuff for me and it’s so unusual that I feel like I have to write it down.

You know how it is with dreams. When we remember dreams, we don’t remember all of the dream. So this is the dream to the best of my memory. I wonder how much of the dream I forgot?

So in the dream, I just supernaturally knew of a plot to kill Trump and somehow I just appeared somewhere to frantically warn him. I don’t even know who had plotted against Trump or I forgot, I just knew the plot and it could happen at any time.

I was very scared in the dream and felt panicked and felt a great sense of urgency. I was in a large room. I don’t know where this room was. Probably in The White House. Trump was there in a suit and surrounded by people beside of him and behind him. He was walking forward. Nobody was directly in front of him. There was press there on the sides waiting for Trump to walk up to them. There was a large rectangle shape window to my left. There was a large table to my right.

I am in a panic and I run up to Trump. I put my hands on his shoulders and try to make him sense my urgency. I look him straight in the eyes and start speaking frantically. I don’t remember my exact words but I told him he needed to have a camera on his body at all times where it would be live streamed or recorded or something on a separate device. Then I told him he needed to have bodyguards he could trust with him 24 hours a day. Last, I told him there was staff he HAD to get rid of. I felt like he didn’t want to fire anyone because he was scared of what the press would say, but I tried to make him understand with my urgent warning, that he HAD to fire people or he might be killed. Some people were planning to assassinate him. I don’t know who, but some of them worked in The White House. They were plotting and waiting for the right moment. I was trying to save his life.

I was speaking out my warnings fast. I know what I was trying to say even though I can’t remember the exact words I used. Then some Secret Service I suppose they were, pushed me back. At that moment the press which had been to the side rushed up and started asking him questions and taking pictures. Several press members were now in between Trump and I shouting questions and his attention turned to the press.

In the dream I wasn’t sure if he actually heard me and if so, if he took me seriously or not. I didn’t hear him say a word in the dream and he didn’t have a chance to because before I was finished speaking, I was pushed back and the press surrounded him.

And that’s all I remember from the dream. The panic I felt made it memorable. It could be that that stupid play where a Trump look a like gets assassinated made me dream that.