If Donald Trump got taken out…

I believe there will be a civil war if Donald Trump gets removed from office. It’s as simple as that. That’s just what I believe and feel in my bones. I’ve believed this since the election results were announced but just now decided to write this post because I’m feeling that many millions of people have this intense anger and disgust boiling that’s ready to explode if provoked. If the Swamp finds a way to impeach him, I believe there would be a civil war. And if he’s assassinated there would be a civil war. No matter how he’s removed from office, The People would swell with anger that their will is disregarded so the Controllers of the world can force their will upon The People even though it’s unwanted and civil war would commence. Martial law would be called in. The constitution is suspended during martial law, so nobody has any rights whatsoever. The government is the supreme and ultimate power during martial law, while rights for the people are suspended. It would get ugly. And the naive and ignorant citizens would learn a lot of ugly truths that the woke people have been trying to tell them.

In the battle between The People and The Controllers of the world, The People fought hard for a win against the establishment. The Deep State has been in absolute power since the first George Bush. Oh they were there before George Bush of course, but it took time to get entrenched everywhere and that was when they got absolute control. After 28 years of enjoying absolute control, power, manipulation, and endless nonsense wars, The People finally had the opportunity to elect a non Deep State human and they did. With billions of dollars and the constant media lies and programming of the ignorant, it wasn’t an easy feat. In fact, The Controllers of the world didn’t consider it possible. But they perhaps overestimated how docile, stupid and brainwashed everyone is. A lot of people are stupid, docile, and brainwashed, but not as many as they thought.

The Deep State was not prepared for a candidate that The People elected. They made sure elections were simply a charade. They had made plans for the Bush/Clinton Deep State dynasty to continue. Hillary Clinton was their Democrat puppet and Jeb Bush was their  Republican puppet. Magazines and newspapers had already been printed ahead of time announcing dirty Hillary’s win. “They”, the bad guys, the establishment, the Deep State, the Cabal, whatever you want to call it isn’t even hiding the fact they want to forcibly remove the democratically elected president Donald Trump from office. Many politicians have called on either “removing” Donald Trump or “impeaching” him, using those words. Some, like dumbass Maxine Waters have called on Trump to be removed “by any means necessary”. “By any means necessary” sounds like it’s encouraging violence. By any means necessary, even assassination. Ever wonder on how Maxine Waters lived in a mansion way beyond her salary as a Congresswoman? When asked that question, she refused to answer. The answer is as old and obvious as the day is long. She’s a sell out like most of them are. Most politicians are either sell outs who are paid large sums of money so they can live in luxury or they are compromised as in blackmailed. They can’t speak up or against the Deep State or their dirty secrets will come out. There are pedos in Congress. These pedos are easily controlled because if they went against the Deep State, their pedophilia would suddenly be released by the media. The speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert was known to be a pedophile BEFORE he became speaker of the House. Basically Washington DC is a Swamp of evil full of greedy control freak criminals and pedos. As far as I know the only 2 good representatives in DC are Tulsi Gabbard and Rand Paul. They are against the old pattern of creating enemies, the mainstream media vilifying these enemies, and going to nonsense wars on false pretenses.

Several political analysts have even suggested a way to purge DC of Deep State operatives. They have suggested that President Trump give a blanket pardon to representatives from anything they are being blackmailed over on the condition that they tell what they know and give names.

I don’t know what’s currently going on in the Swamp of evil. I’ve heard different theories. But I don’t know. All I know is that the Deep State shills in Congress screaming and demanding that Trump be impeached need to think very carefully and be aware of what they are really calling for. I don’t know if they even understand what they are calling for. Because if Donald Trump does get impeached I believe a civil war is unstoppable and much blood will be shed. I certainly don’t want that to happen. But I just feel it in my bones that’s what will happen. There’s energy in the air. There’s an electricity in the air that you can feel. I can feel how angry millions and millions of people are. It’s created this indescribable electricity. This is an energy and electricity that Congress would want to see unleashed.