If I had a time machine I would tell Richard Nixon not to pardon dirty John McCain

John McCain was sentenced to death for treason. Unfortunately, Richard Nixon pardoned him. And instead of just leading a quiet, decent life, he continued his treasonous ways but on a much larger scale. If I had a time machine I’d go back and tell Richard Nixon, don’t you dare pardon that treasonous dirty rat. If you had any idea of what he’d do in the future, you’d be glad he’s being executed. John McCain was sentenced to be executed and he should have been executed. This dirty rat has done so much, including meeting with his terrorist friends in Syria such as Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, to discuss their terrorist plans, he helped get the chemical weapons to Syria for his terrorist friends to use to blame on Assad, he helped the Ukranian coup where his neo-nazo friends were installed in the Ukranian government after the ¬†democratically elected President was ousted. And he lied and duped the people of Arizona saying he was “leading the fight against Obamacare,” but when he got the chance to vote to repeal that hot mess, he didn’t. He was the one vote that lost the repeal. Lies, lies, nothing but lies. This dude knows what’s up. He wants McCain arrested and charged for treason and he told him to his face.