Illinois is done

The state of Illinois is over with. It’s done. Kaput. Put a fork in it.

It’s bankrupt. It can’t pay it’s employees. It hasn’t been paying medicaid providers. A court ruling ordered that the state pay the medicaid providers it hasn’t been paying. The only problem is, Illinois can’t pay. It’s a junk state now. It is $15 BILLION in debt while shelters for domestic violence and the homeless have closed. It suspended the lottery, because it can’t pay out lottery winnings. Pensions will likely be cut . People who rely or were planning on relying on pensions or state checks need a plan B, because you will likely be getting pennies on the dollar unless one of the failed mathematically incompetent leaders comes up with a plan to save the pensions.

Yo, Obama, can you save your state? It’s been run into the ground and all analysts are saying the collapse of Illinois is “guaranteed”. There’s no if or maybe, but it’s guaranteed, due to the incompetent liberal spending. I’m glad I don’t live in Illinois, because I’d be packing up and leaving. Meanwhile, Illinois’ neighbors Indiana and Wisconsin and done much better with their finances and budgets. But Illinois is just an unredeemable mess.

The Money GPS says that it is mathematically impossible for Illinois to pay it’s debts and the pension funds are gone.

Illinois will likely have to sell off it’s assets.

The next states in big financial trouble where the financially liberal states have out of control spending and could collapse next are Maine, Connecticut, New Jersey and California. States can not legally declare bankruptcy, so what will the failed leaders of Illinois do next?

This is sad news for every person that is depending on a pension check or other state payment to survive. It’s also sad that 8 men, only 8 men, the 8 wealthiest men on earth own as much wealth as 3 and half BILLION people. What is wrong with us?

Here are 2 different videos about the death of Illinois. The second video says that the bankruptcy of Illinois won’t just affect Illinois, but the whole country and lead to more government control.

If I were in control, I’d make George Soros pay for it, that world wide meddling POS. ¬†And George Soros would be in prison for the rest of his life. And I’d just give Illinois to China. Let Illinois become communist, but spare the rest of the country from communism. If only. Le sigh.