I’m not celebrating July 4th; We just aren’t free anymore

The 4th of July used to be one of the few holidays that I liked. Because of a not very happy existence from adolescence, I’m not a holiday person. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, to Valentines Day are all hard holidays that I try my best to ignore.

The 4th of July however, was different. It was the Brexit of 1776. The best Brexit of all time in which the greatest country on earth was born. We were free from that awful murderous, elitist, nasty British monarchy. Our fonding fathers said hell to the no to monarchy rule and not being free human beings. No king or no queen was going to tell us what to do. We’re not going to stand at the foot of some castle and wave to people that think they are above everyone else just because they were born into a certain family. F no. We are free. People had left the awful British empire to be free from monarchy rule and to have liberty, freedom and to pursue happiness.

The wrote in the great Constitution that all men are created equal. Nobody can rule over anyone else just because they were born into a certain family. In theory, a baby born into a poor family had the same rights and chance to succeed in life as a baby born into a rich family.

(On a side note: Yes, I do realize that the European settlers killed off and drove away the Native Americans from their own land and slavery of black people existed when the Constitution was written so America does have a dark history. It has to be said. It is kind of ironic that the Constitution said that all men were created equal. Perhaps it should have said all white men were created equal. Black men were considered 2/3 of a person in The Constitution, not a full person. No women were allowed to vote. The Constitution gave Americans the right to have guns to protect themselves. If the government became tyrannical and tried to take away our liberty and freedom, the founding fathers wanted The People to take up their arms and make another Revolution to take back the tyrannical government. The government tricked the Native Americans to give up the guns that they had acquired. And the Native Americans that survived were forced into reservations. Hint, hint. But slavery was outlawed and Native Americans were given full rights and reparations way back in the day, so the wrongs of the forefathers were made as right as can be our freedom was the best thing to celebrate, while I thought we were still free)

The British monarchy didn’t want us to be free. They wanted to colonialize and control the whole entire planet earth. Hell to the no. Patrick Henry said what we all strongly feel from the depth of our heart and soul: “Give me Liberty or give me Death!” Our founding fathers wanted liberty for themselves, their children, grandchildren and so on. So we (as in Americans) fought the British for our freedom and we won. We became free from the shackles of the evil British empire. We can live how we want. We can choose our own religion and beliefs. We can pursue happiness. We are free. We have liberty now. Now that was a reason to celebrate!


So I used to be totally into the 4th of July. We had a revolution. We fought the Revolutionary War and we won! The red, white, and blue. The fireworks. Celebrating our freedom from the shackles of a monarchy. We’re free! My heart would fill with patriotic pride. I was proud that we we led a revolution and won! Now that’s a reason to celebrate!

But now, I just sigh. I’m not so naive and ignorant as I was. The same ignorance we’re all taught from a young age. Our forefathers did fight the Revolutionary War. They did win freedom for America. But, we just aren’t free anymore. The shackles have been put back on everyone except the “Oligarchy”. Instead of being slaves to a monarchy of King, Queen and their descendants, we are slaves to an Oligarchy.  You can also call this Oligarchy the Cabal or Deep State or whatever. I say they are an Oligarchy because it’s a group of a few wealthy, white people that control us all. A few unimaginably rich, white people control us all. They are our slave masters. They make all of our rules and have been stripping us of the rights one by one that our forefathers wanted to ensure we all had after they won the Revolutionary War.

And the thing is, we lost our freedom so subtly that no one saw it coming. The government or the lying corporate owned media won’t actually tell us we’re back to slavery and not free anymore, that a lot of people don’t even know it. They will smile and say “Happy 4th of July” and “Happy Independence Day” like we’re still a free people. We’re not. People are walking around in slaves and shackles but don’t realize it. To be fair, a lot of people, perhaps even a majority of The People do completely understand that we’re not free anymore. But then there’s the obligatory Happy 4th of July in real life, in tweets, on social media that would drown out any reasoning otherwise.

Thomas Jefferson, one of our founding fathers, a brilliant man, a lover of liberty and freedom, a truly great man, sought to protect future Americans and keep us free. He warned everyone about what would take away our freedom if it happened. Yet, it happened in a very sneaky, shady, dirty, underhanded way.

The sneaky a$$ Federal Reserve Act that was written by bankers, NOT lawmakers, that was NOT approved by Congress. Congress was at home with their families on Christmas vacation. The bankers knew that if this bill was put forth in front of Congress, there would be outrage, anger, and it would never pass. So they made it happen in a sneaky way.

We really lost our freedom when some sneaky men. J.P. Morgan, the Rockefellers, the Hapburgs, the Rothschilds are all greedy a$$, sneaky a$$, evil control freaks and slave owners. They own us all. They sneakily enslaved us before anyone knew what had happened.

And if you do any business with the J.P. Morgan Chase bank, cancel, cancel, cancel your account with them. That very name is associated with evil and slavery.

That’s not the only thing that happened to make us lose our freedom, but it was the first and biggest. So , if you don’t know the story, here it is briefly, and I’ll attach a video explaining it as well.  J.P. Morgan, that POS, owned Jekyll island off of Georgia. The POS banking cartel had a secret meeting in which they even changed their names when going to the Jekyll Island. The wrote The Federal Reserve Act. One congressman was paid off to get it to pass and they had the President, Woodrow Wilson sign it. President Wilson sold us all out. He sold out his children and all future generations of Americans. He later regretted his action, but it was too late. Once Wilson signed that act, if was over. And if anyone thinks that JFK, who wanted to end the privately controlled bank, The Federal Reserve, was randomly assassinated, they are part of the ignorant and uninformed.

The Federal Reserve is a deceptive name. It is not part of the government. It’s not Federal. And there’s no Reserve. It’s a privately owned bank by billionaire bankers such as the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and Morgans. Nobody is taught the truth as children. Nobody is taught anything about it. It’s not in history class. Americans are known for being stupid when it comes to history.

Alan Greenspan, former chair of the Federal Reserve said himself, that no party in government could overrule him. No one can overrule him. No one. Not the President of the United States. Not Congress. Not the Senate. Not the Supreme Court. No one.

This is not even a part of government. It’s a privately owned bank, in which no part of government can overrule. Does anyone see the problem here?

Anyway that was the first part of Americans becoming slaves. Then things really got bad fast, once the evil 4 got into power. The first of the Evil 4 was George H. W. Bush. Son of billionaire Prescott Bush and in the Skull and Bones cult, doing weird a$$ rituals. He obsessively mentioned the New World Order and began the never ending wars and intervention in the middle east. The next puppets, as we all know, were Bill Clinton, George Bush’s son, and Obama. And wouldn’t you know, the Oligarchy or Deep State installed Hillary Clinton on the Democrat side and Jeb Bush on the Republican side for the 2016 Presidential election. Don’t get into Republican vs. Democrat fighting. That’s just a  way of dividing The People as in Divide and Conquer. Those a$$es wanted to make America a Clinton/Bush dynasty. Gross. Trump was not part of the Oligarchy’s plan so they are desperately trying to use their power, influence and endless money to get rid of him.

I think our founding fathers would prefer monarchy rule to a Bush and Clinton dynasty.

Anyway under President George W. Bush, also a weird a$$ skull and bones member along with his buddy John Kerry, stripped all Americans of a ton of rights that our founding fathers guaranteed us. He took away so much freedom and liberty. The government wanted all Americans to unite in the boogeyman of “terrorists” that they could take away any rights they wanted with no resistance. The TSA was created and that’s been nothing but a nightmare. Don’t even get me started on the TSA.

Bush signed the Patriot Act, which in short says, at any time, for any or no reason, the government can take away all of your rights that the founding fathers gave you. You can be detained, without charge, without right to an attorney and held indefinitely with no rights whatsoever. If Bush tried to sign this into law without any attack on the country, there would be widespread outrage and it would not pass. Who would agree to that? No one. But with the country united in fear over boogeymen terrorists, it easily passed.

If I were in charge, (oh that would be great), I’d use that Patriot Act against all the evil, horrible scum in government now and the ones that were in government and did evil sh*t to us. The Clintons, the Bushes, HR McMaster, John McCain, Dick Cheney, John Podesta and all the Pedos, Andrew McCabe, Robert Mueller, Loretta Lynch, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Susan Rice, the lying mainstream media CEO’s and anchors that lie to Americans, all of em. They’d all be scooped up in the middle of the night and shipped off to Guantanamo Bay, never to be seen again.

Then came the lying corporate owned mainstream media, which just is a big propaganda machine. It doesn’t discuss important issues that are happening. It ignores important stuff going on. It is not unbiased. It has an agenda. It’s dumbing everyone down. People have become like dumb zombies that don’t know anything. It just tells people what they want you to believe so when they do bad stuff, nobody will resist or protest. And when laws are passed that take away more freedom and rights, they won’t tell you about it. And they won’t talk about the large pedophilia rings in Washington DC, Hollywood, London and the Vatican. They don’t talk about the 7 country take down plan in 5 years. They don’t talk about the real reason the government hates Vladimir Putin is because he put a wrench in their evil plans. The media didn’t even talk about proof that the alleged chemical attack in Syria was not done by Assad, but by the same rebels that America funds.

President Dwight Eisenhower, warned the American people to “Beware of the military industrial complex.” When he said those words, I don’t think many people knew what he was talking about. At this point, the “military industrial complex” has gotten too big, too powerful. America going around the whole world invading countries, stealing their resources and toppling regimes. Meanwhile, the American people are do dumbed down, many will believe America is just going around the world, toppling regimes, to get rid of bad leaders. Yeah, right. The WORST leader on the earth, hands down, is the Kind of Saudi Arabia. Look up that sh*t. And America and Saudi Arabia are BFFs. Why doesn’t the lying mainstream media ever talk about the evil sh*t that happens every single day in Saudi Arabia? Because they are corrupt! They are all in bed together! The mainstream media, USA government, Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia pays billions of dollars to PR firms to silence all of their critics. If anyone is caught with even a mild criticism  of the royal family in Saudi Arabia, their heads are chopped off or they are jailed for a long time.

Eh, we’re doomed. That’s not even being pessimistic, but realistic. A lot of people have woken up lately. There is a great awakening going on. But unless even more people wake up and there’s a 2nd Revolutionary War, we’re so far buried in sh*t, that we’re doomed. Might as well continue being slaves and let The Oligarchy’s plan unfold for us, until we die.