Israel and Hungary label world meddler George Soros Enemy of the State

World meddler scum George Soros has been labeled the Enemy of the State that he is by Israel and Hungary. I can’t call him human scum, because I’m not sure he’s human.

Message to George Soros from the world: Butt out.

I can’t even go into all that this piece of scum is behind, from coups of countries, loss of jobs of tens of thousands in various countries, funding these silly Antifa creatures blowing whistles and plastic horns while carrying communist flags and looting. And worst of all, funding that other scum which I don’t think is human called Hillary Clinton and being her puppet master. This dude says he’s a Jew, yet he actually, seriously, worked for the Nazis and helped confiscate the Jews property. When asked if he felt any guilt about that in an interview, he smiled from ear to ear and said, “No, no guilt.” If you don’t know what this world meddler has done, do a google search. I can’t even.