Jim Rickards says 60% chance America will go to war with North Korea in March 2018

The title of this Youtube video is about central banks, but what Jim Rickards said in this interview about something else is what got my attention.

So, attorney Jim Rickards was in a 6 hour meeting with Criminal in Action director Pompeo and baldie Herbert McMaster on Oct. 19th 2017. He does not bring good tidings from this meeting. Then again, you shouldn’t expect anything good from Pompeo or McMaster.

I’ve heard Dave from the X22 Report start saying that an “event” was going to take place by the Cabal to distract the sheeple while the entire economy collapses and the dollar dies. That “event” could be America getting into yet another war, this time with North Korea in March 2018.

Jim Rickards said after the 6 hour meeting, Pompeo and McMaster made it clear that they would not allow North Korea to continue their nuclear weapon program. They would either have him assassinated or go to war with North Korea.

If America has taught any country anything, it’s that you need nuclear weapons to protect yourself from America. Look what happened after Gaddafi gave up his weapons. America had him dragged in the street, sodomized and killed and Libya’s gold was stolen. So Kim would be a fool to give up his weapon program. He knows if he did, he would immediately be assassinated.

Rickards predicted that there was a 60% chance that America would go to war with North Korea in March of 2018, a 20% chance that Kim would be assassinated and a 20% chance that Kim would give up his weapons program.

China has stated that if America attacks North Korea, then they will defend North Korea. So if the dumbass warmongers start a war with North Korea, that’s also starting a war with China, the largest military on earth by far. A man named Henry Gruver had visions in the 1980’s that China and Russia would take over America. An interesting part of his vision is that he saw cell phone towers before they existed. When cell phone towers appeared, he recognized them from his vision. America would be hit by cruise missles up and down the east and west coasts, and the warning systems would not work. There would be no warnings, no notice, nothing. After the fall of America, it would be taken over by Chinese and Russian soldiers. With the events today happening and Pompeo and McMaster pushing for America to go to war with North Korea and China in March 2018, Henry Gruver’s visions are looking more and more plausible.

I think it’s the last half of this interview is when he starts talking about America’s next-and last-war.