John McCain lied about “leading the fight against Obamacare”

If this doesn’t prove what a liar John McCain is and that it’s not about Democrats or Republicans, but the “Establishment”, then nothing will.

Just last year in 2016, professional liar John McCain ran a commercial telling the people of Arizona that he was “leading the fight against Obamacare” hahahahahhaahahaha And before that, in McCains failed Presidential run, repealing Obamacare was one of his main campaign promises hahahahhahahaha. And the repeal of Obamacare, which raised the cost of healthcare for the middle class, failed because of John McCain himself. He was the last vote and the deciding vote. If he had voted to repeal Obamacare, it would have been a tie.

This Democrat vs. Republican stuff is just a charade and means of dividing the population because “United we stand, divided we fall.” Divided people are easy to conquer but united people can not be conquered. Rather than Democrat vs. Republican, it should be about good vs. evil.

John McCain and the Republicans that are Deep State operatives never had any intention of repealing Obamacare. They just said that to the citizens because that’s what the citizens wanted to hear. They never intended on actually keeping their promises.

John McCain is the poster man for why Term Limits are needed. There should be no such thing as career politicians. The career politicians are the most corrupt of the corrupt.

At least this is paid liar John McCain’s last term. And the war monger is trying his hardest to make sure world war 3 breaks out before his term is over. Also, McCain should have to get his healthcare at the VA instead of his chosen private Doctors.