John McCain wants more US troops in Afghanistan to get that opium

Swamp rat war monger, Deep State shill John McCain wants to pretend that the worlds most powerful military still hasn’t been able to defeat some cavemen in Afghanistan in 17 years. He wants to send more troops to Afghanistan, wasting billions of dollars of taxpayers money per day. 17 years ago, US troops went to Afghanistan, allegedly to fight the taliban. 17 years later and John McCain is demanding that US send yet more troops to Afghanistan. These cavemen are just too powerful for the world’s most brutal military.

Now let’s get real. The US is in Afghanistan to protect and harvest the world’s biggest poppy fields for all of that opium and for the lithium and other minerals that are used in your electronics. They are stealing the resources and that’s the only reason why they are still in Afghanistan and Swamp rat McCain wants more troops. If it was really about fighting the taliban, the troops would have been out of there 17 years ago. When is John McCain going to have to explain himself?

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