Lock up Earth’s most hated woman!

Yo FBI and/or Attorney General: You need to lock up the world’s most hated woman. Why are none of you doing your jobs? She’s so hated, she may meet mob justice because nobody is doing the job they’re being paid to do. She’s one of the biggest criminals on earth. She’s gotten away with all of her crimes. Her crimes aren’t even investigated. The few that have tried investigating end up murdered. The #ClintonBodyCount is so large that nobody knows what it is anymore. She’s the most hated person on planet Earth. Possibly the galaxy. Maybe even multiple galaxies. Everyone with a soul gets ill at the sight of her. She makes people puke. And she had the gall to run for President. She rigged the election and still couldn’t win, that’s how hated she is. People have been waiting a long time for slow justice to finally be served. People are fed up with the lack of justice. Fed. Up. Everyone wants her arrested and locked up (at the very least). The patient people have lost their patience. #LockHerUp #HillaryForPrison #HillaryForGuantanamo #ArrestHillary