LOL Costco moves Hillary to back of store among “Lock Her Up” chants

Everyone is sick of Hillary being shoved down our throats. Costco members who wanted to just shop for bulk supplies were disgusted that the most hated person in the galaxy was there signing her stupid book and some customers cancelled their Costco memberships and some chanted “Lock her up!” She is so out of touch that she still doesn’t realize how HATED she is. Perhaps staring at a wall of toilet paper in front of her while signing her stupid fiction book will be a clue.

Customers were so upset that Costco had to move Hillary to the back of the store in the dairy section, behind the toilet paper-LOL

My thoughts are with the innocent Costco customers who just wanted to purchase milk and other groceries and had to see that horrible hag that just won’t die or go away. Media- stop forcing her down our throats. She ain’t happening.

The Secret Service asked local police to keep out Laura Loomer, but Costco let her in because it would violate her civil rights to deny one of their paying members entrance just because Costco made the poor choice to let in that hated hag that won’t go away. The Secret Service didn’t allow Laura to ask anymore “What Happened” questions to that criminal beast this time.

Below is Laura’s periscope video showing some protesters and this link has a good article about it: