Never forget: This is why the war mongers are really going to war

General Wesley Clark told us the truth. Hell, even Alan Greenspan told us the truth in his book. He stated in his book that he hated to confirm the suspicions were true. That the Iraq war was about oil. The reasons they gave the public were all lies. Saddam Hussein wanted to sell oil in gold, not the US dollar. And the US dollar is backed by bombs. Saddam Hussein was captured and executed, not because he was a bad leader. If bad leaders were executed, then most leaders in the world would be executed starting with the Saudi Arabian King and princes. He died because he wanted to sell oil in gold instead of the US dollar which is called the petro dollar.

Is anyone listening? Are we going to let our country go to war while lying to us about it? When are the citizens going to stop being complacent zombies and say enough is enough? When are people going to say don’t insult our intelligence and don’t lie to us.

Is it just a coincidence that many years ago, General Wesley Clark told us a list of 7 countries the Deep State planned to topple and we just so happened to invade the exact same countries he listed? No it’s not a coincidence. And the 2 countries that haven’t been invaded by America yet, Lebanon and Iran, will be. The mainstream media has been demonizing them to make everything think these are evil countries that deserve to be invaded and regime changed. Lebanon is demonized for Hezbollah and Iran is demonized for no reason than being Iran and it’s on the list.

Egypt has also been added to the list and the regime toppled. Is it just coincidence after this was exposed, we invaded Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Syria? Is it just coincidence that Nikki Haley is the new Colin Powell, falsely blaming chemical weapon attacks on Assad with no evidence whatsoever? This is identical to Colin Powell saying Iraq had chemical weapons of mass destruction, holding up a vial for the UN to see, when Iraq had no chemical weapons at all.

Deep State war mongers Henry McMaster, John McCain, George Soros and Mark Milley are salivating over going to war. They can’t wait. They want to hurry and topple the regimes of Syria, Lebanon and Iran. After the war they want to bring the One World Order (New World Order) with one government (Like the EU), one currency (Like the Euro) and one everything. No borders. This is no conspiracy theory, this is the gist of their very plans that are have been out there for a long time. You won’t hear this on the mainstream media, so turn off the mainstream media forever and get real news from Independent and Foreign media.

#EndTheList #WesleyClark #NoWar #NoMoreWars #NoWarInSyria #GetOutOfSyria #StopTheDeepState