Nikki Haley from the Future Crimes Unit justifies war

Nikki Haley, the United States ambassador to the United Nations, or a grunt for Satan, just predicted a future chemical attack in Syria which will be falsely blamed on Assad and will be the excuse America uses to start World War 3. She also pre-blamed Russia and Iran for the attack that hasn’t happened yet.

The only thing that’s missing is Colin Powell and his little vial to display to the UN and the cameras. Same script. Same song, same dance.

Remember Colin Powell and many others in the government insisting that Iraq had these “chemicals of mass destruction” that didn’t even exist, so we just had to go to war with them to save all the Iraqi people? And we are STILL in Iraq almost 20 years later. Iraqi Christians have been slaughtered and the Islamic State has been created as a result. For a lie of Iraq having chemical weapons that it didn’t have in reality. Yeah, that is happening all over again. The government thinks the American public will be stupid enough to fall for the exact same lies all over again or will be apathetic brain dead zombies. Come on now, don’t be stupid. Don’t fall for it again.

The alleged chemical attack that happened in April and was blamed on Assad? That was all a lie to justify striking the Syrian army. Assad did not order a chemical attack. There is not 1 shred of evidence to support this. America refused to allow an investigation into this chemical attack. Why would America oppose an investigation of facts? Because an investigation would uncover that Assad did not order any chemical attack. This was a classic false flag. The mainstream media went with it. In fact, a Pulitzer prize winning author did an independent investigation and found proof that this chemical attack alleged by the United States government did not happen. No mainstream news in America would touch the story, because they hate truth. They will only tell you what they want you to believe. So, the author had to go all the way to Germany to get his report published. That will be in a separate post. The People are waking up and these old lies aren’t going to work anymore.

Owen Shroyer said that Nikki Haley is with the future crimes unit. And reporting to us today, from the future, Nikki Haley told us that the mainstream media will do another false flag to justify war in Syria.

Do not fall for it.

If The People don’t speak out and fight the Deep State, bad, horrible things are coming that nobody will like. It won’t just affect the middle east. It will affect every single person in America to an extent that has never happened before.

The Deep State “selected” Hillary Clinton to win the 2016 election, but with all the power and money and media and set ups, the will of The People could not be defeated.

It’s time again for the will of The People to be heard and obeyed.

PS: Nikki, while you are in the future, can you bring me back the winning powerball numbers? Thanks.