Nikki Haley threatens to go against UN vote before it even votes

To ease tensions in the Korean peninsula and solve the concern of North Korea testing missiles, the ambassadors to the UN for China and Russia asked that North Korea and South Korea engage in dialogue. They also both urged that the United States remove THAAD, which no Asians want in their region. There have been protests against THAAD where protesters demand that THAAD be removed from South Korea. South Korea doesn’t want THAAD there and neither does China. China wants America to stop meddling in their region and claims THAAD is creating problems.

However Nikki Haley (real name is Nimrata Randhawa), the bimbo war monger from the Future Crimes Unit, who infamously predicted a future chemical attack by Assad and pre-blamed it on Russia and Iran, threatened to violate UN law before there was even a vote.

Nikki Haley, not liking China and Russia’s suggestion of diplomacy and South Korea and North Korea talking amongst themselves to try to solve the issue first, said that the US will go on it’s “own path” if needed when it comes to military action in North Korea.

Does Nikki Haley plan to go to war in North Korea or full fledged “hot” war in Syria first? Or both at the same time? Oh my, Nikki and her fellow war mongers, especially John McCain, Herbert McMaster, and George Soros would LOVE that. 2 wars at once? They are salivating at the thought.

North Korea does not have the weapons capable to reach the United States. Their most successful missile launch reached the Sea of Japan. However North Korea’s missiles can most definitely strike South Korea. Seoul, South Korea, a large and densely populated city, a peaceful and successful city, is at the greatest risk. If the United States invades North Korea, I can see North Korea launching a nuclear missile and striking Seoul as retaliation. This would be very devastating to South Korea.