North Korea is no threat and theater to justify US military by China


Steve Pieczenik , who knows more about this issue than most people, said that North Korea is no threat to US and North Korea is scared of the US obsession with going around the world forcing regime change. He said that the sudden fear and the mainstream media telling everyone that North Korea can nuke America is just theater used to justify US military presence by China. Remember, North Korea has been threatening to nuke New York City for decades.

Kim Jong Un would be foolish if he did give up any nuclear weapons or developing nuclear weapons as shown by what America did to Libya. America would have already forced one of their famous “regime changes” in North Korea if North Korea didn’t have missiles. With America bullying every country on the planet and telling them what they can and can’t do, every country needs protection or they risk forced “regime change” by the American government. America convinced Muammar Gaddafi to give up his nukes. Gaddafi ended up giving up his nukes for “peace”, but after he gave them up, America bombed Libya and killed Gaddafi in the streets. The lesson is, the only thing to protect a leader from being killed by the American war machine is having nuclear weapons. It’s sort of an insurance policy. If Libya kept it’s nuclear weapons, Muammar Gaddafi wouldn’t have been murdered in the streets.

China is not happy with the American military presence in South Korea and Japan. They have repeatedly told America to remove the THAAD systems that are in South Korea. North Korea and China share a border. By more American military presence near North Korea, it is also beside China.

Steve Pieczenik says the real issue here, that’s basically being ignored currently by the mainstream media is the land dispute between China and India, not North Korea. His words over the past year have been “Watch China, watch China.” And the cause for the dispute comes down to Earth’s most important resource: water. There has been a stand off going on for quite sometime between China and India with neither side giving in. Both sides have sent troops to the disputed region in the Himalayas by the country of Bhutan. Some have feared this would lead to war between the 2 most populous countries in the world. There has been no fighting yet, but no resolutions either. Hopefully China and India can come to a resolution over this border to end the standoff. The last thing America needs is to get involved in yet another international conflict.

For unbiased, real news, check out various foreign and Independent media and avoid the corporate owned mainstream media at all costs. I can’t say it anymore plain: You will NOT get any truth or the truly important news from the lying corporate owned mainstream media.